Pasadena Noir at SketchKon 2018

The SketchKon 2018 Pasadena Noir sessions invited attendees to sketch a mystery. Participants were treated to five models acting out four different scenes written by Andrea Joseph. We watched the story come alive in their sketchbooks and the end result was a fabulous noir comic! These sessions featured veteran Dr. Sketchy’s Los Angeles models Miss Spent Youth, Caramel Knowledge, and Gwen Ruby and welcomed new-comers Leo Camacho and Lemi Atom. Making a surprise appearance, Koosje Koene and Danny Gregory got the last laugh. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their wonderful talents!


About the Presenter

Andrea Joseph is a self-taught artist living in Derbyshire, England, who creates amazing, one-of-a-kind drawings using simple materials like ball point pens. Her style requires quite some patience and persistence because some of her drawings take up to 20 hours of work! She calls herself a heavy soul, but fans love her lighthearted approach to drawing and creating beautiful hand lettering. Find more of Andrea’s art on her blog and check our her kourses at Sketchbook Skool.

Models Miss Spent YouthCaramel Knowledge, & Gwen Ruby are available for private events! Find out how to book!