What is Dr. Sketchy’s?

The Sketch Revolution was founded by a frustrated art school dropout in a Brooklyn dive bar circa 2005. By asking the simple question “why can’t drawing people be sexy?”, Molly Crabapple tapped into a veritable flood of like-minded contributors. Today, Dr. Sketchy’s is a movement with over 100 branches worldwide, from Akron to Zagreb, each operating as independent protagonists in the fight against the everyday mundane. Dr. Sketchy’s evolved from alternative art classes into a whirlwind cabaret of live music, neo-burlesque dancers, circus performers, flash-mobs, comedy acts, and general hoot-nannery.

Who attends sessions?

Our community is built on the professionally creative. Most of us work in the visual arts with jobs like graphic designers, comic illustrators, and photographers. We are visual taste-makers, tattooed art school girls, underground fashionistas, technophiles, funny-book illustrators, and culture curators

75.31% go to art galleries
61.73% go to bars and clubs weekly
50.62% go to movies monthly
We are, on average, 27 years old
For every 6 women, we attract 4 men

We are technology junkies. We Instagram in our sleep!

93.83% own a cell phone
82.72% use a digital camera
96.30% use the internet daily
95.06% use e-mail daily
49.38% shop online
66.67% own a Mac
43.21% own a PC

Sometimes, we’re famous artists. Sometimes beginners.

90.12% went to college
28.40% went to grad school

We make between 40 and 70 thousand dollars a year and use a majority of that shopping for clothing and accessories, entertainment, wining and dining, toys, and art. WE LIKE FABULOUS THINGS.

65.43% buy professional art supplies
53.09% buy clothes & accessories monthly
39.51% buy music monthly
32.10% buy art

Dr. Sketchy’s Los Angeles offers a variety of levels for branch sponsorship!

Scribble – Donate merchandise for giveaways
Shout out during a session
Doodle – $100
Social media/newsletter mentions, plus a shout out during a session
Sketch – $300
Sponsor name will be associated with one session, logo printed on event materials, plus social media/newsletter mentions, & shout out during the session
Draw – $500
Sponsor name will be a part of the official event name for two sessions, logo on the website, plus logo printed on event materials, social media/newsletter mentions, & shout out during the sessions
Create A Masterpiece – $1000
Sponsor name associated with the Annual 26-Hour Figure Drawing Marathon Event, logo printed on marathon event materials, logo and link on our website, social media/newsletter mentions, & multiple shout outs during the marathon event as well as during other sessions in conjunction with the marathon event
Don’t see a level that fits your needs? We are happy to work with you to create a sponsorship package to suit your company!
Email Info@DrSketchyLA.com

Model: Gwen Ruby